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ST02 + colour
Name ST02 + colour
Code ST02
Width 4 mm
Length 270 mm
Quantity 1000 per reel/box/bag

These pull tight security seals have a triple locking mechanism ensuring a secure locking even when assertive force is applied. Using ultra sonic welding technology to fasten the Inspection Windows and caps to the seals. Ultra Sonic welding is permanent and it is too strong to be cut or forced open without clear evidence of tampering. These seals are etched with permanent laser marking. The laser marking offers high security because it cannot be removed and replaced. The Inspection Window is a feature which makes visual inspection of the locking mechanism easy and quick.

Standard marking: serial number, customer name / logo. A variation of bar codes can also be marked with laser technology.

Typical applications: bank and security companies, airlines, ground transportations, mail services, hospitals, casinos, hotels and tankers.

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